Who's Who



BJ Turgeon

BJ Turgeon graduated from the University of Calgary and currently teaches in Montreal. He first discovered that he had an interest in fetish activities in his late teens, discovering his wilder side with his first male partner. He travelled around while studying, developing his kinky interests.


GMAN’s primary fetish was and will always be rubber. He thinks his passion for rubber started early in life while watching Jacques Cousteau and his crew in wetsuits on television. Regardless of the origin, if it’s skin-tight, GMAN is interested! 

Gus Alvarez

Gus Alvarez (AKA rubbernyc) is a resident of New Jersey and has been in the fetish and kink community for over 20 years. He is married to MIR 2000 and can usually be found traveling the world and at various fetish celebrations.

MIR19 - Jeffrey "Gummibärchen" Basile

Gummibärchen is the 19th and current Mr. International Rubber. A native Chicagoan, he also holds the title of Mr. Midwest Rubber 2015.


Pelagie, was born in Gabon, Africa and moved to Belgium in the 90’s. This is where she married her husband Walter and encouraged him to start making chastity belts not just for himself, but also for the general public. Now a coded welder herself, she does all the welding for the Carrara product line. Pelagie is well-known in the Belgian fetish scene and likes to make an appearance, especially in rubber. After visiting MIR a few years ago, she is happy to return this year as a judge. Beware: she is fair but strict.

Peter Cooke

A self confessed rubber boy and kink addict from the British Midlands, Pete’s kinks developed at an early age and for years he’s been involved in the UK BDSM & fetish scene in London where he’s now based. He helped found London Rubbermen in 2012 and by day he’s a marketing director at REGULATION and Fetters UK. 

Ryan Johnson

Ryan grasped and embraced his rubber fetish in 1989, and quickly maxed out his credit cards buying as much of it as he could. Accepting a challenge from a close friend in March of 1994, he entered the Mr. Vulcan Rubber (MVR) 1994 contest in Boston, and unexpectedly won the title. He held the title through 1995 and 1996, traveling around the U.S. judging other title contests and giving rubber demos and lectures at regional leather and fetish events.

Masters of Ceremonies

Teri Yaki

Teri Yaki has been a staple of the Boystown scene for over 10 years now.  Her crazy character has hosted a variety of different fun-filled events ranging from lube wrestling to co-hosting The Night of 100 Drag Queens!

Sly Hands

Sly Hands is known for his recognizable fetish photography and pioneering involvement in the European fetish scene. After visiting the Chicago Rubbermen and MIR in 2008, he was inspired to go home and build a more social community in his home city of Manchester. The city had a few fetish events but needed a sense of brotherhood for people to take ownership of their local scene, and so the Manchester Rubbermen (MRM) were born in early 2009.


Shadi "Sir Snuggleupagus" Beidas

Sir Snuggleupagus has held an interest in leather for the bulk of his adult life. He entered the formal scene in 2015 with a run for Mr. Chicago Leather in an attempt to face his fear of public speaking. He is currently serving as the 2016 Illinois Leather Sir, and was the first runner-up in the 2016 GLLA Leather Sir contest.

Todd Harris

Todd Harris is the current 2016 Mr. Chicago Leather and the current 2016 International Mister Leather First Runner Up. He is a lifelong Chicagoan, age 54, 6ft tall, 210 lb leatherman. Todd flags left for red, yellow, black and gray. He is the owner of Stonewall Construction, Inc. Todd is also a large animal veterinarian (retired), and a proud member of the Chicago band of brothers, BLUF, and Titans of the Midwest.