Travel Fund

MIR Travel Fund

The MIR Travel fund helps the winner of Mister International Rubber travel during his title year.  The amount raised each year varies, so to help keep the travel fund stable half the money raised between May 1st and the winner's announcement on Saturday of MIR is held aside for the following year.  Once the winner is announced, 100% of travel fund contributions made will go directly to the current winner, until May 1st.  Travel fund money may be used to pay for airline tickets or hotel/lodging for the current MIR for travel to rubber, kink, and fetish events of the winners choosing.  Travel fund money not used will be left in the fund to be used by future MIR's.

This page will be continually updated with the amount of money in the travel fund, and what the travel fund has been used for by Mister International Rubber.

Travel Fund Income, MIR20 Title Year (Nov 6, 2016 - Nov 4, 2017)
November 2016 - MIR20 Ticket Sales and Fundraising - $3,074  ($1,537 held for MIR21)
January 2017 - MIR @ MAL Fundraising - $179 
May 2017 - MIR @ IML Fundraising - $129 
TOTAL $1,845

MIR20's Travel Fund Distributions 
April - CLAW, Cleveland, Airline Travel - $252
June - FUSION, Montreal, Airline Travel - $256
August - Dog Days Of Summer, Detroit , Airline Travel - $192
September - SF Folsom, Travel Reibursement - $308
October - Taipei Pride, Airline Travel - $837
TOTAL $1,845

For MIR21 we will have on-stage seating available. Those seated on stage will get a unique contest experience and will be immersed on the set with the contestants.  All proceeds from on-stage ticket sales are set aside for the MIR Travel Fund.  For more information please visit our MIR Shop

Please direct all travel fund related questions to