COVID Guidance

(Updated on August 25, 2021)


We, at Mr. International Rubber, are following the advice and guidance of the United States Centers for Disease Control, the Illinois Department of Public Health,  and the Chicago Department of Public Health as we plan for this year’s gathering. As this continues to be an evolving pandemic, we ask for your patience. 

We are committed to producing a safe, fun and friendly, in-person event for those who can attend; and a vibrant online schedule of events for those who cannot attend in person.

At this time we are offering the following guidance for MIR25 attendees:

  • We are requiring all MIR25 attendees to be immunized against COVID-19.  Proof of vaccination will be required for admission to MIR25 events. Please consult with your national and local healthcare authorities to find vaccination sites near you.
  • MIR Contest will provide additional guidance on our vaccination verification processes on or around October 5.
  • We understand that certain individuals with compromised immune systems and certain medical conditions may not be able to be vaccinated.  For their health and safety, we advise them to participate in the virtual components of MIR25, in hopes that they may attend in person for MIR26.
  • Each day of MIR we ask that you assess your own personal health before attending. If you feel sick, are running a fever, or experiencing other symptoms of illness, we ask that you refrain from attending and take care of your own health so that you may return the following day, or the following year.
  • Rules regarding masking may vary depending on the event venue.  We will do our best to ensure that all attendees understand the requirements of each of our primary venues (Center on Halsted and the Vic Theatre.) 
  • We will do our best to indicate on our schedule of events which venues require masks.
  • Maintaining a photo of your proof of vaccination on your phone is strongly recommended. 
  • Participation in Kink Market Demo Pit activities will be limited this year as a safety precaution. Watching is always encouraged. We are prohibiting the use of inhalants and shared gas masks in the demo pit this year.
  • Multiple hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the 2nd and 3rd floors at Center on Halsted.  We also strongly encourage people to wash their hands frequently each day.
  • Consent is always required at MIR events, but we ask that it be expanded this year. Be mindful that some individuals may not be ready for full contact greetings.  Ask first before shaking hands, hugging, or any other close physical content. Respect individual attendees autonomy, and their right to not engage in close physical contact.

We will do our best to ensure that this year’s event is safe for everyone, but ask for your assistance in helping us achieve that goal.

Please note, these guidelines are subject to change, based on the evolving guidance and circumstances of the pandemic.