Nominate A Judge

In an effort to attract a diverse pool of candidates to fill our annual judging panel, Mr. International Rubber is seeking input on nominations for judges.

This page is for the submission of names to be considered as a possible judge for future Mr. International Rubber contests. You will be asked a series of questions including: information about yourself as the person making the nomination, and information regarding the identity and qualifications of the person that you are nominating.

PLEASE NOTE - A nomination neither infers nor guarantees future selection as a judge. All decisions regarding selection of judges are confidential and made by MIR Contest, Inc.

Only one nomination is allowed per submission. To submit multiple names, please complete a separate form entry for each person. Please complete all required fields.

You will be asked to provide the following information. We strongly advise you to compile and organize your information prior to submission.

  • Nominee's full name
  • Nominee's email address
  • Nominee's city and country of residence
  • Nominee's scene name or screen name
  • Nominee's profession or field of professional endeavor 
  • Nominee's club or organizational membership or affiliations
  • Nominee's community leadership or accomplishments
  • Why would the nominee be a good judge for the Mr. International Rubber Contest?
  • What skills, talents, insights or perspectives would the nominee bring to the table as a judge?
  • Other additional information which may be helpful in the selection process

Click here to nominate a Judge via Google Form. 

In the interest of transparency, you may read about Mr. International Rubber's Judge Selection Process and Framework here.

COMING SOON  - View the initial Report on the Demographics and Diversity of Judges Panels from MIR20-MIR25 here.