Rubber Club Summit

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The Rubber Club Summit

Each year - for almost a decade - club, community, and other leaders gather to network, discuss topics, and share ideas around various rubber and fetish community concerns.  Traditionally, this Rubber Club Summit would happen for a brief period of time on the closing day of Mr. International Rubber weekend. Each year it seems that the discussion had only begun, when it was time to conclude the event. 

In November of 2020, at MIR24 - the first totally virtual Mr. International Rubber Weekend, it was suggested at the conclusion of that years online summit that the wider use of virtual meetings could be leveraged to hold quarterly gathering on a variety of topics. In order to help build leadership across the global fetish community, each session would be hosted by a different club or leader, and would not just be constrained to one time zone. The Mr. international Rubber organization offered to lend institutional support in an effort to ensure the continued convening of these summits in this new virtual format throughout the year. An email survey of those in attendance during MIR24 helped to guide the initial meeting planning. 

The Rubber Club Summit is open to any rubber and fetish community member who wants to take a more active leadership role in creating, building or sustaining their own fetish community. This may include elected leaders of established rubber and fetish clubs, individuals who are seeking to create a more vibrant rubber and fetish community in their city or region, and those who are seeking to network with other leaders of rubber and fetish clubs. No prior experience is required. Just a willingness to help grow the scene in collaboration with other likeminded rubberists.

Please Note: In order to create an intentional space where all interested rubberists feel welcome, MIR's Code of Conduct applies to all events hosted by MIR Contest Inc., be they in-person or virtual. This includes the Rubber Club Summit.

In 2021, The Rubber Club Summit will be held in February, May, August, and November.  Watch this space for details about future events.

FEBRUARY 20, 2021
Our February event will be held on February 20th 2021 at 12p-2p EST (11a-1p CST; 5-7p GMT; 4-6a Sunday AEST) and hosted by MIR20, Preston "wexx" So and MIR Kink Market Coordinator, Tim Gustafson. 
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