MIR prides itself on being a wholly volunteer operated event, and it could not be the event it is without dozens of volunteers contributing hundreds of hours every year to make it happen. We deeply appreciate the hours our volunteers put in to this event to make it one of the most inclusive, fun, and sexy events around!  Many of our volunteers are regular staff or repeat volunteers, but we always welcome new members to our volunteer family!  Volunteering at MIR can be a very rewarding and fun experience. In fact, many new people find volunteering is a great way to get to know people at the event!

Volunteer shifts vary in time and responsibilities, so we can often find something that fits your comfort and time commitments. If you  want to get the opportunity to meet our sexy rubbery attendees, some of the shifts provide ample opportunity for this! If you want a quieter experience, choose one of our shifts that is not interacting directly with the public.  The chart below will help you see some of the requirements you may need, and while some shifts can be worked in rubber, in some cases its best to come in comfortable clothes and shoes (we don’t want any blowouts!!)

We also are excited to re-introduce the opportunity to all of our volunteers for a complimentary social package which includes our exciting event at the Museum of Contemporary Art as well as Gaymes and Mimosas and the Kink Market!  If you work over 12 hours, we will do our best to provide you with a guaranteed theater seat this year and t-shirt (limited to supplies on hands).

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization, and we want to be sure you know you mean the world to us!  We are excited to welcome you to our rubber family, and if you would like to participate, check out our informational charts below and send an email to volunteer@mirubber.com

Type of Shift



Location: MCA Location: Other Offsite Location Requires Lifting – Dress Comfortably Interaction with Public – A Great Way to Meet People! Morning/Day Shifts Available Evening/Night Shifts Priority Shift – Includes Dresscode Party Ticket or Winner’s Reception Ticket
Theater/Lobby Setup
Strict Rubber Dress Code Party Setup (can be late night/early AM)
Dress Code Party Door and Coat Check (Shifts designed so you won't miss the party!)
Registration / Ticket Sales / Market Security
Coat Check
Contest / Event Door Greeters and Security

Benefits of Volunteering

Hours Worked Social Package - $60 value – includes MCA cocktail party and standby theater seating Theater Package - $145 Value – includes seat in theater and t-shirt (limited to supplies on hand)
4-11.9 hours

12 hours and above