We welcome everyone to our event, regardless of their accessibility needs. We understand that everyone is different,.
We have, and will continue to do what we can to provide an inclusive and accessible environment for all. 
To that end we are providing this page to outline accessibility at Mr. International Rubber events.

Our registration process includes a check box for individuals who may have accessibility needs. It also includes a text box where individuals can notify the organization of those specific needs. We will make every attempt to ensure that those needs are met. You may also email the registration team at with any questions or inquiries regarding your accessibility needs.

The “Getting Around” page on our website provides general information regarding public transportation as well as taxi, shuttle and on demand services. Below is accessibility information for those services.

All Chicago Transit Authority Buses and Trains are accessible. 

  • All buses are equipped with audio and visual announcements.
  • All trains are equipped with audio announcements. Most trains are equipped with visual announcements.
  • Both buses and trains have designated areas for passengers traveling in wheelchairs.
  • Priority seating is available for those with disabilities on all buses and trains. 
  • Busses are equipped with ramps, and can kneel for those with limited range of motion.
  • Train platforms are equipped with textured warning surfaces at the platform edges
  • Train stations are equipped with ramps to bridge the gap between platforms and trains.  See a station attendant for assistance with ramps. 
  • Not all train stations are accessible. Visit the CTA website for information about accessibility of specific stations and status of elevators..

The City of Chicago provides Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV Taxis) via arrangement through the Curb App or by calling 1-888-WAV-CABS (1-888-928-2227). Individuals wishing to reserve a WAV Taxi are advised to call at least 24 hour in advance to reserve a WAV Taxi.

Most sidewalks in Chicago have accessible ramps, textured warning surfaces at street corners, and visual crosswalk signals at major intersections

American Sign Language Interpretation is provided for all educational classes and for our contest event.  If you require ASL services, please notify a member of our registration team, and they will ensure that seating arrangements can be made so that you have easy sightlines to the interpreter and to the class presenter, or the contest. Events that are ASL Interpreted will be noted on our schedule of events with the ASL icon..

Center on Halsted is our primary venue for daytime activities, and is a fully accessible building.

  • The entry at the corner of Halsted and Waveland is equipped with automated doors, activated by interior and exterior push buttons
  • Two elevators serve all floors of the building, including the basement parking garage
  • Handicapped parking is available in the basement parking garage, accessible via an automobile entrance on Waveland Avenue just west of Halsted
  • Floors in all areas of the building are smooth surfaces compatible with assistive mobility devices
  • Accessible restrooms are available on every floor, and family/private restrooms are available on floors 2 and 3.
  • Restrooms are all gender unless otherwise noted
  • Seating is available throughout the building, including in all spaces used for MIR events

The Riviera Theater is our primary contest venue, and is a partially accessible venue

  • Entry doors on Broadway/Racine are flush with sidewalks.
  • An accessible restroom is available in the first floor lobby
  • Ramps provide access to all seating zones on the main floor of the theater

Some bars and late night venues are more accessible than others. Below is a brief summary for each venue. For further details on accessibility at these venues, we recommend reaching out to the venue in advance of MIR weekend to discuss any accessibility concerns you may have, and to determine if the venue will be accessible to you.

Steamworks is a partially accessible venue.  Staff are accustomed to assisting those with accessibility concerns. There is a service elevator to allow access to portions of the second and third floors. There are stairs throughout the building, including in the public play areas. The venue is dimly lit. Most announcements are made via video monitors. For further details on accessibility, please contact Steamworks Chicago directly.

Touche Chicago is a partially accessible venue.  Staff are accustomed to assisting those with accessibility concerns. There is a step at the entry door, and a tight turn into the venue which can make access with mobility devices difficult. Once inside the floor is level, with a slight ramp into the club room at the back. The women’s restroom is not accessible as there are two steps which can make it difficult to access with mobility devices. The venue is dimly lit in areas, and can be very crowded at times. For additional details on accessibility, please contact Touche Chicago directly.

Sidetrack is a fully accessible venue. Venue staff are accustomed to assisting those with accessibility concerns.  Ramps are located throughout the venue, and an elevator provides access to the rooftop deck.The venue can be very crowded at times. For additional details on accessibility, please contact Sidetrack directly.