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Preston So, MIR20

Congratulations to 2nd runner up, Mr. Rubber Florida Wonka Pup, and 1st runner up Mr. Melbourne Rubberman Liam Clark! Your Mr. International Rubber 20 is Mr. New England Rubber, Preston So!

Preston will be traveling for the following events:

  • 6–8 October: Mr. Rubber México | Mexico City
  • 13–15 October: Mr San Francisco Rubber | San Francisco
  • 24–29 October: Taipei Pride | Taipei
  • 3–5 November: Mr. International Rubber | Chicago

Preston can also be found on Instagram or Twitter as mirubberxx or wexx on FetLife and Recon.

In Memoriam

Si "Sly" Hands

Mr. International Rubber 2012

October 13, 1983 - June 19, 2017

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