MIR27 - AJ Huff

AJ Huff was selected as MIR27 in October 2023 as part of our first year as a hotel based event. He was one of nine contestants, representing 6 countries, who competed for the title.

He was titled Mr. Rubber San Francisco 2020 and is the current President of San Francisco Rubber, where he produced the 1st M. SF Rubber Title Contest, a non-gender based title, open to all members of the SF community.

One of the most important things to …

AJ Huff

MIR 26 - Pusckatt Pumera ONYX

Pusckatt Pumera ONYX (he, him, his), Mr. International Rubber, is a Floridian who slipped into the Shiny Rubber Community in 2019. Pusckatt identifies as a proud Rubberist and artist of gender expression. Pusckatt has grabbed the kink community of Southern Florida and soon the world by the balls and utilizes every moment to engage people on the topic of rubber.

Pusckatt, is the President of ONYX Deep South, a regional chapter of The Men of ONYX. He also holds …


MIR 25 - Joe ChicagoRubber

Joe “Chicago Rubber” (They/Them, He/Him) is a chicagoan who first started exploring their kinky side in 2016 when they tried on their first piece of latex. It was a fetish that Joe didn’t think they’d be into at first, but they were instantly attracted to the way rubber felt and looked. It was love at first lube, and since then they’ve become increasingly involved with their local rubber club (Chicago Rubber Club).

Joe is passionate about building community, and currently …


MIR 24 - RubberLab

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, no contest was held during MIR24 in November of 2020. As such, no new Mr. International Rubber was selected. The photo used here is of the face masks that were made to commemorate this year's event, a global digital event entitled "RubberLab". MIR23 - Adalberto agreed to continue to hold the title an additional year, and his successor will be selected at MIR25.


MIR 23 - Adalberto Rubadam

Adalberto (he/him, she/her) was born in Italy and explored his kinky interests after he moved to The Netherlands after the studies. First for about ten years in the leather scene, until he embraces latex around 2017 and jumped deep into the rubber scene.

He became Mr Rubber Netherlands 2019 and won the Mr International 23 title in November 2019 in the largest competition to date with 16 contestants. What a fun weekend MIR23 was! Adalberto served some “gender-bending …


MIR 22 - Guillaume Dupuis

Guillaume developed his first crush on the fetish scene back in 2012, when he started working as a kink advisor at a fetish store in Montreal. It was only more recently that he started wearing rubber, finally following through on a childhood desire he'd felt when he saw someone wearing latex in a movie! In addition to rubber, his main kinks include impact play and domination role play; he's always ready to leave some heavy marks with his floggers... …


MIR 21 - Michal Neighbour

The first Mr. Rubber Poland (2017). The first Mr. International Rubber from the Eastern Europe. His fetish adventure has started with wetsuits and gas masks, long time ago. He is proud of being the co-establisher of “The Nest” program realized with the support of The ReFForm foundation (based in Warsaw, Poland). The main aim of this program is to provide a mental support to people who have a problem with their self-acceptance and their fetish side of the soul. …


MIR 20 - Preston "Wexx" So

Preston “Wexx” So is Mr. International Rubber 20 (2017) and Mr. New England Rubber 2016. The first international fetish titleholder of Asian descent, he is honored to bring the MIR title back to New England and the New England Rubber Men. Previously, Preston was the resident materials expert at Harvard College Munch, the BDSM student organization at his alma mater, where he educated other members about leather, rubber, spandex, and similar fetishes at a time when the group was …


MIR 19 - Jeffrey "Gummibärchen" Basile

A native Chicagoan, he also holds the title of Mr. Midwest Rubber 2015. He has been actively involved in the Chicago kink community for the last 6 years, and is a member of the Chicago Rubbermen, Titans of the Midwest, and the Chicago Band of Brothers. He continues to volunteer for LGBT and various service organizations, including the Center on Halsted, AFC, Gay for Good, TPAN, Equality Illinois, and the Lakeview Food Pantry.

Gummibärchen has traveled extensively over his …


MIR 18 - Max Samauth

Max Samauth is the 18th man to wear the Mr. International Rubber sash having secured the title during the contest held in 2014. Previously he held the title of Mr. Rubber Netherlands 2014. His attraction to rubber began with movies and the characters of aliens and other fictional creatures who inspired him. During his formative years Max not only discovered fetish sites on the internet but also received his cochlear implant allowing him to hear for the first time. …


MIR 17 - Andy "CosmicRoo" Coatham

Andy "CosmicRoo" Coatham, the current Mr. International Rubber and Mr. Rubber Toronto, found his start in fetish at a young age wasting a ton of electrical tape in the privacy of his bedroom. As he grew, so did his fascination with tight garments through icons like the Power Rangers and Dean Cain as Superman. Their tight-fitted attire led him to discover the world of rubber at 18, when everything changed.

His obsession has grown madder over the years, and …


MIR 16 - Rubber Jason ⚜

In Memoriam


MIR 15 - Sly Hands ⚜

In Memoriam

"I'm originally from a nice little seaside town in Devon and Currently live in Manchester where I do photography and design. I was always fascinated by Rubber from a young age. It started with leather when I was about 5 when I really wanted a little pilots jacket, the brown leather kind with wool inside and patches all over. I wore it all the time until I out grew it and when I was about 11 …


MIR 14 - G-Man

G-MAN is proud to have brought the MIR title back to the US and also to be the first international title holder from the South. He was born in Virginia to a career military officer and he now claims the Atlanta, Georgia area as his home, though he grew up living in Florida, Rhode Island, California, Mississippi, Virginia, the Phillipeans and Japan. (G-MAN attributes his love of rubber, in part, to watching Japanese superheros on TV; they all sported …


MIR 13 - Fenn

Fenn is the third contestant in a row from Canada to obtain the title of Mr International Rubber but is no stranger to contests. Having already won Mr Rubber Toronto 2010 and Mr Leather 101s in 2007, he also ran for Mr Leather Toronto. Fenn has lived in Toronto his whole life but enjoys traveling and has visited almost every continent. He enjoys working with people and is always available to lend a hand at contests/events. He also helps …


MIR 12 - Stephane Donaldson ⚜

In Memoriam

Stephane Donaldson has become the second man from Montreal to claim the title of Mr. International Rubber. Previously he was Mr. Rubber Montreal 2008, and also holds the title of Mr. American Rubber as well. Stephane lives in Montreal where he is a marketing and purchasing director for Priape, the premier gay stores in Canada.

He was raised on a ranch where people would board horses, 185 in total. Being raised on a ranch of course …


MIR 11 - BJ Turgeon

Having previously won the title of Mr. Rubber Montreal 2007, BJ became the first Canadian to win the title of Mr. International Rubber.


MIR 10 - Maurizo Iacone

Maurizio Iacone was born in Rome but has been living in Milano for many years now. Since he was 16 he was always interested in motorbikes (he is among the founders of the first gay bikers club in Milano) and leather gear. Since 1987 he has been attending most international gay fetish events in Europe and it was at one of these events that he discovered the pleasure of rubber as well. The intense feeling of wearing Rubber suits …


MIR 9 - Michael Schneider

Michael was born in Taipeh (Taiwan) in 1979 and grew up in Ludwigshafen am Rhein (Germany). In 2001 he relocated to Achern (south-west of Germany) which is where he developed his love for rubber and guys in rubber. "Since I know that I am gay I prefer looking at guys dressed up in rubber or leather because for me they look much more horny than in normal clothes."

Michael has been self-employed since 2005 as a graphic and web …


MIR 8 - Frank Bug

Franks travels have taken him across Europe and the US to promote MIR and the rubber fetish. Last year alone he served as judge for Mr. Leather Baden-Wurtemburg 2005 in Mannheim, Mr. German Leather 2005 during Berlin Leather Fetish weekend, Mr. Rubber Italia 2006 in Rome, Italy and as head judge for MIR2006. Additional, he has been seen at rubber and fetish events in Dusseldorf, Munich, Vienna, Hamburg, Paris and Chicago.

Prior to his year as MIR2005 he was …


MIR 7 - Chris Vincent

Chris was the seventh man to win the title of Mr. International Rubber. At the time he won his title, he was a resident of Las Vegas.


MIR 6 - William "Rubberwilli" Schendel

Born in Indiana, William "RubberWilli" Schendel now resides in Chicago where he is a property manager and former fundraising professional. He attended Indiana University and was a founding member of HEADSPACE, an organization for Indiana University students interested in exploring safe, sane and consensual BDSM play. While at IU, he was also involved in "Lascivious Exhibitions," a group of individuals who threw annual fetish events in the Bloomington area, and it was at one of their events that he …


MIR 5 - Yannick Kerjose

Yannick was born in Brittany on the west coast of France and now lives in Paris with his boyfriend Stefan. He is a professional nurse and has recently completed his studies in nursing managements. Yannick is a member of M.E.C. (Mecs En Caoutchouc) the most important rubber association in Europe. He is also a member of A.H. (Hard Love).

During his title year, Yannick traveled alot promoting his title and the rubber community including MidAtlantic Leather in Washington …


MIR 4 - Chad McLaughlin

Chad was born in Illinois and came to Chicago from Minooka to attend Columbia College in 1990. Since graduation he has been pursuing an acting career with local theater companies and Chicago Lyric opera. In his spare time Chad continues to travel to events around the country and abroad promoting the rubber scene.

When in Chicago chances are you'll find him at Crew, Chicago's Premier Sports Bar and Grill.


MIR 3 - Tom Kelley

Tom Kelley is a native of western Michigan, and now resides in New Jersey where he is a software engineer.

He emerged into the rubber and S&M scene in 1998 and joined Gay Male S/M Activists (GMSMA) in 1999. He holds the title of Mr International Rubber 2000 and has served as a judge for that contest four times. He has also been a judge for the Mr East Coast Rubber contest sponsored by the NY Renegades, …


MIR 2 - Thomas Smith ⚜

In Memoriam

Thomas Smith was Mr. International Rubber 1999. When he won the title he was a resident of Minneapolis. His dedication to the title and sense of community were recognized during his year and he received the Pantheon of Leather President's Award during 2000.

At his step-down, Thomas was recognized by the MIR Contest Producers "as representing the title with dignity, passion and a lot of hard work. He showed an intense desire to create a groundwork, …


MIR 1 - Christoph Lehner

Christoph Lehner was born in Munich, Germany and at an early age was fascinated by the imagery of Tom of Finland. The shiny men in rubber caught his eye among all of the images, and his first rubber purchases came in 1993 while staying in London.

He studied philosophy of physics at Munich and Stanford and then accepted a teaching position at the University of Kentucky. It was in 1997 while he was teaching in Lexington that he entered …


MV 1996 - Rich Villagracia

Rich Villagracia was the winner of Mr. Vulcan 1996, and the last man to hold the title, the pre-cursor to Mr. International Rubber. Rich credited his defining moment as a rubberman to seeing Mr. Vulcan 1994, Ryan Johnson, at Folsom Street Fair several years prior. "I just saw him in full rubber at the street fair and said, WOW!"

Following his win, Villagracia became the primary spokesperson for the upcoming Mr. International Rubber contest. Rich worked for an airline and …

Rich Villagracia

MV 1994 - Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson was named Mr. Vulcan in 1993 at the 2nd Vulcan contest, held in Boston. When the contest was not held the next year, Johnson was critical in bringing the contest to Chicago for the MV 1996 contest, that would eventually result in the creation of Mr. International Rubber.

Ryan Johnson

MV 1993 - John Ferrari ⚜

In 1992 the Boston Knights presented John Ferrari with the title of Mr. Vulcan 1993. John was a founding member of NLA San Francisco and a charter member of AVATAR Los Angeles. He was also a member of Chicago Hellfire Club, New World Rubbermen, and Rainbow MC. John organized the Leather Community Relief Fund to aid those who suffered major damage during San Francisco's 1989 earthquake.

John Ferrari