Each year - for over a decade - club, community, and other leaders gathered annually to network, discuss topics, and share ideas around various rubber and fetish community concerns.  Traditionally, this Rubber Club Summit would happen on the closing day of MIR weekend. Each year it seemed that the discussion had only begun, when it was time to conclude the event. To that end, other means were established to ensure ongoing communication between global rubber club and community leaders.

In November of 2020, during the first totally virtual MIR Weekend, it was suggested that the wider use of virtual meetings could be leveraged to hold regular discussions on a variety of topics throughout the year. In order to help build leadership across the global fetish community, each session could be hosted by a different club or leader, and would not just be constrained to one time zone. Stay tuned for info about our next virtual meeting.

In October of 2023, this regular convening added a new element, an ongoing chat via the popular messaging app Telegram. In this Telegram chat, community leaders could engage in discussions, share resources, and have break-out chats on specific topics. All of the information shared there would remain in one location, and could serve as an ongoing online destination for both established and fledgling clubs. Join the telegram chat by completing this simple form.

As an outgrowth of the Telegram Chat and discussions during MIR27, a desire was voiced to create a centralized global rubber events calendar. This calendar would enable clubs to share their events via widely available electronic calandar software, and share them to one centralized calendar. View the International Rubber Events Calendar here.

The Rubber Club Summit is open to any rubber and fetish community member who wants to take a more active leadership role in creating, building or sustaining their own fetish community. This may include elected leaders of established rubber and fetish clubs, individuals who are seeking to create a more vibrant rubber and fetish community in their city or region, and those seeking to network with other leaders of rubber and fetish clubs. No prior experience is required. Just a willingness to help grow the scene in collaboration with other like minded rubberists and kinksters.

Questions?  Email us at clubsummit@mirubber.com