Lucy Stoole

Lucy Stoole, Chicago's Black Bearded Beauty, is a Windy City- based drag performer, artist & activist with an international presence. She's an Out 100 honoree, 2x Drag Queen of The Year, and proud owner of the popular, sex + body positive Stoole Sample adult toy line.


Miguel Torres

Mr Chicago Leather 2014, born in Caracas, Venezuela, Miguel has called Chicago home since 2000. Former Howard Brown Health Center board member, an organization that provides health services to the LGBTQ community regardless of income. IML contestant handler, Co-producer of Mr Chicago Leather, den daddy, judge or volunteer in many events local and international. Co-host of MIR 24, 25 & 26, Co-host of CODE Night. A pup trainer/handler, he's dedicated to spreading puppy love and education throughout the community. …


Liam Clark

Joining the MIR team for his second year as live stream host, we have Melbourne Rubberman 2016 and MIR XX 1st Runner Up, Liam Clark! No stranger to a microphone, Liam has hosted the Melbourne Rubberman contest on three separate occasions alongside an extensive career in entertainment journalism hosting live streams and Eastern European current affairs programming for the Eurovision Song Contest. As the holder of the first ever rubber title in the Southern Hemisphere, Liam is proud to …