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Avian Invasion

Avian Invasion is an American Progressive House act known for a captivating blend of trance and progressive house. DJ/performer Bird One blends live vocals and keyboards with modern dance music for a truly unique show. With sci-fi flavor and an emphasis on beauty and positivity, B1 has inspired fans from around the world seeking to escape their normal lives.

While Avian Invasion may be a relatively new name in the EDM scene, B1 has been named Guest of …



Issa Arden

Issa Arden has been a player for over 30 years and a community member for over 20. She serves on the Executive Committee of and as the head of Education for Mr. International Rubber. She is also newly on the Board of American Brotherhood Weekend having been the Contestant Coordinator for the event for 6 years. She is on staff for Internal Mr. Leather and previously held staff positions with Leather Hall of Fame and Illinois Leather Alliance. Arden …


boy Jason

boy Jason is a Chicago resident working on becoming a therapist. Their pronouns are they/them. They are non-binary, neurodivergent, and a big advocate for making the world a safer and better place in more equitable and inclusive ways. They are a collared boy by their Daddy in Dallas. They have worked all over the country in the world of kink usually in some form of education like teaching about consent or how to engage in healthy dynamics as a …


Maxim Lupin

Heya folks, Maxim Lupin here! You may know me from classics like Just For Fans' top ten trans men for 2 of the 4 years I've been active in sex work, my queer history YouTube channel, or even your local dark room. I've been an active member of the kink community for the past 8 years. I started my journey on the east coast, where I assisted in leadership for Roc PAH, to my new home in the Midwest. …


Mxtress Polaris

Aura (Mxtress Polaris, if you are submissive) is a Chicago resident, currently working as a engineer. Fae/they pronouns, and started transitioning in 2019. Fae has been involved in the gear/kink scene since 2008, having worked with numerous organizations, a former MWR titleholder, and has taught several kink classes. Faer has used faers title to spread rubber across the Midwest at numerous leather events. As a neurodivergent Trans person, faer wants to help other individuals feel welcomed into kink spaces.


Preston "wexx" So

Preston “wexx” So (he/they) is the first Asian international fetish titleholder and the first Mr. International Rubber (MIR) of color. He is Mr. International Rubber 20 (2017) and Mr. New England Rubber 2016. Preston’s writing has appeared in The New York Times and Mochi Magazine, among other places, and he has been featured twice in Vice in addition to media in three languages.

Preston has been interested in latex rubber since 2007 and has actively practiced …

Preston 2023

Antoin Strachan

Antoin is the Brand Events Producer for Recon and is known to us as a very keen rubber man of colour. He's been working with the Recon brand and has helped to support parts of the global kink community for over 14 years.

Being the producer of Recon’s brand and promotional events, as well as their play parties, Antoin is very well-travelled, is a well-known face on the scene, and has experienced a lot of the diversity within the …


Trooper Long

Trooper is a board member of ICON Detroit Leatherclub, and associate member of Chicago Hellfire Club. Trooper has judged MIR21, IML33, 2016 Drummer North America, Illinois Leather Sir/boy, Ms. Pride and Community Bootblack, Great Lakes Sir/boy/bootblack and numerous bar and state contests. He has attended every MIR contest since 2006. Trooper has helped bring pup mosh and Rubber bar nights to the city of Detroit, and he enjoys mentoring titleholders/hopefuls, as well as presenting skills & workshops on many …


Daddy Shadi

Daddy Shadi (he/him/his) served as Illinois Leather Sir from 2016-2017. He has served as both a director and secretary of the Chicago Pet Patrol, is a trustee emeritus of Out Bowling, and volunteered for the following: IML/IMBB, Open Shine, MIR, Mr. Leather 64Ten, Chicago Leather Community Outreach, St. James Pantry, The Imperial Windy City Court of the Prairie State Empire, Night Ministry, and Center on Halsted. He believes that volunteerism is core to maintaining our broader community, with service …

Daddy Shadi


Bootblack Tobi


Course Description:
Repairing the Shiny Side of Life
This class will go over the basics of care and repair for lifestyle gear and clothing. Common types of damage and malfunctions, how to best repair these different issues, expectations from repairs, and preventative reinforcement that can be done on gear and clothes before anything goes wrong. Students are encouraged to bring personal items needing repair for discussion and possible repairs during the class, depending on the severity of the damage and …


Pup Icarus

Pup Icarus is originally from Houston, TX. He has worked with various charities, clubs and organizations around the Chicago Land area. He has also been a part of the Chicago Kink Community since he moved here in 2011. Pup Icarus has been fisting for over 18 years and has been teaching the skill for six years. He finds that the connection and ecstasy of Fisting are what attracted him to find his place in the Fisting Community.

He is …


Mistress Simone

Mistress Simone is the author of “Toy Bag Guide to Chastity – A Practical Guide.” She has been a lifestyle and prodomme for over 30 years. She is an educator, former leather titleholder, community leader, and mentor. She is the owner of The Studio dungeon space in Chicago and has a space in St Louis but works around the world. She has presented at Kinky Kollege, NELA, SELF, Shibaricon, Galleria Domina 2 and DomCon. She has lectured at …