Sly Hands Travel Fund

On November 3,  2017, at the 21st Mr. International Rubber contest, the MIR travel fund was re-named the Sly Hands Travel Fund.

Si "Sly" Hands was born October 13, 1983 and passed unexpectedly on June 19, 2017 in Manchester.  He was the founder of the Manchester Rubbermen and a noted commercial photographer in Europe and North America under the moniker Sly Hands-Fetish Photographer.  He was also the 15th man to hold the title of Mr. International Rubber, having won the contest in November of 2011. Sly was an avid professional and leisure traveler having spent much of his youth as a counselor at summer camps in New England, and in his later life traveling the world for his professional photography work. 

During his title year, Sly took on significant personal debt to represent the title and contest at fetish events around the globe. Following that year the MIR organization began concerted efforts to raise additional funds to assist the reigning titleholder in covering some of their travel expenses throughout their year. With the renaming of this fund, the organization hopes that MIR attendees, admirers, contestants and titleholders will learn about Sly Hands and his multi-faceted legacy. Additionally, it is hoped that this fund will create a solid foundation for future generations of MIR titleholders to travel the world, building a stronger global fetish community and representing the title of Mr. International Rubber for many years to come.

About The Fund

The Sly Hands Travel Fund helps the winner of Mister International Rubber travel during his title year.  The amount raised each year varies, so to help keep the travel fund stable half the money raised between May 1st and the winner's announcement on Saturday of MIR is held aside for the following year.  Once the winner is announced annually in November, 100% of travel fund contributions made will go directly to the current winner, until the following May 1st.  Travel fund money may be used to pay for airline tickets or hotel/lodging for the current MIR for travel to rubber, kink, and fetish events of the winners choosing.  Travel fund money not used will be left in the fund to be used by future MIR's.

Donations to the fund may be made at the time of annual weekend registration, in person via onsite registration or throughout the year on the donation page.

This page will be continually updated with the amount of money in the travel fund, and what the travel fund has been used for by Mister International Rubber.

FY 2019 Donations & Expenditures

Mister International Rubber wishes to thank the individuals, corporations, and events that have contributed to the Sly Hands Travel Fund this year. Their support helps the winner of the MIR contest represent the rubber community at events and gatherings around the globe.

Gus Alvarez
Steven Aro
Bootblack Tobi
Robert Byelich
Brian Cafferelli
John Carlsen
Gerald Cernak
Dalton Chapman
Chicago Puppy Patrol
Jason Clevett
Brandon Drayer
Leonardo Fei
Faustino Felix
Filip Franko
Harry Fratzke
Alan Gamrican
Nicolai Gomez
Dirk Groten
Alec Hendry
Nick Holmberg
Dustin Hopkins
Hotlanta Rubber and Gear
AJ Huff
Andrew Inman
James Jones-Hearn
Will K
Michael Kaplan
Thomas Kelley
Greg Krajenta
Matthew Lund-Brown
Joe Lynch
Luke Mahoney
MaMa Leather
Louis-Philippe Marier
Michael Martin
gimp max
Brendan McDonald
Johnathan Naundorf
Sean Nogrady
Ben Norris
Jonathan P
Sandy Pianim
Robert Presland
Greg Pulliam
juan quesada
Kyle Ralston
Christopher Ramirez
Jackson Raynor
Kevin Reis
Daniel Rhatigan
Alexander Rock
The San Francisco Bay Area
Rubber Title Family 2020
William “Rubberwilli” Schendel
Brian Smith
Antoin Strachan
Studio Boutique PeterDomenie
Studio R
Ian Surroz
Alex Tarczynski
Randy Ubillos
Paul Vezina
Timo Vlijm
Russell Ward
Christopher Winfield
Cameron Whiting
Anonymous (5)
2019 Raffle Participants at MAL and IML
MIR 22 Coat Check Tips

Note: This listing reflects contributions received between November 1, 2018 and November 3, 2019.

In 2019, the Sly Hands Travel Fund has assisted MIR22 Guillaume Dupuis in his journeys from Montréal to Cleveland, Poland, the Netherlands, Brazil, New York, Melbourne, Chicago, San Francisco, and Berlin. During their title year, the contest winner may request reimbursement for travel expenses such as airline tickets or lodging when the expenses are incurred as an official representative of the rubber community.

Please direct all travel fund related questions to