Pusckatt Pumera ONYX

Pusckatt Pumera ONYX (he, him, his), Mr. International Rubber 26, is a Floridian who slipped into the Shiny Rubber Community in 2019. Pusckatt identifies as a proud Rubberist and artist of gender expression. Pusckatt has grabbed the kink community by the balls and utilizes every moment to engage people on the topic of Kink.

Pusckatt currently serves as the President of ONYX Deep South, a regional chapter of The Men of ONYX; he is also a member of the …



Darkqwolf is a producer & host of Leather/Fetish/Kink (LF&K), social and community-focused events in NYC -- Jockstrap Happy Hour/Rough Sex NY/K!NK (Eagle NYC); FUNDIES! (Rockbar); SLEAZE/DARKQROOM (Redeye NY). Born and raised in Brooklyn, he’s been an active member of the international LF&K community since first becoming involved in 2008.

Darkqwolf was Mr. Eagle NYC 2016, a top finalist at International Mr. Leather (IML) later that year, then asked back to judge at IML’s 40th anniversary in 2018. Most recently …


Sir Ivan

Sir Ivan (leatherkin)

Sir Ivan (he/him) is a Minnesota leather person committed to expanding the participation of people in leather and kink. He’s a founder of the Minnesota based North Star Rubber Club and lead organizer of BLUF Minneapolis. As a Latino (he’s originally from Venezuela), Sir Ivan is a fervent advocate for the visibility and leadership of people of color in leather and kink. To this end, Sir Ivan helped create and is a board member of Twin …


Charlie Shine

Originally from Slovakia, Charlie has been based in Prague for 15 years, engaging with rubber since then and still pursuing it.

He obtained his first gas mask at around 16 years old. This treasure found in an attic sparked interest for various fetishes in him.

Professionally, he is dedicated to life-sciences, but his creativity and craftsmanship, but mostly his fetishes, led him to create his first rubber products in around 2012. The interest of other enthusiasts in unique rubber …


Rain Bleie

Rain Bleie (he/she/they) is an Amsterdammer of many fetishes.

Rain is Mr Fetish Eagle Amsterdam 2021 / 2022 and Ms Leather Netherlands 2020.

For over a decade Rain has been organizing several different fetish events in Amsterdam, working together with different venues in the city. The signature of these events differ, but they all have one thing in common: these are the safe spaces where you can bring out your best self.

For much longer Rain …


Tyler McCormick

Tyler McCormick experienced his first kinky relationship at age 19 and has now spent over half his life active in the leather, kink & fetish community. In 2004, he was a founding member of the New Mexico Leather Wolves. The self-described “leather gimp” then went on to win International Mr. Leather in 2010. He has presented on bondage, fisting, bootblacking, Daddy/boy relationships, and judged several Leather contests, as well as International Mr. Bootblack. Joyfully collared and living a poly …


Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson (any pronouns) hails from the UK, and currently lives in Manchester, the home of the Manchester Rubber Weekend (founded by Sly Hands, MIR15). They’ve been into rubber for at least 15 years, and have been attending MIR since 2014, often found in the demo areas tying people up.

Scott has been involved in running Mr Rubber UK, and judged both contests. They have been involved in the running of Manchester Rubber Weekend since 2017. Scott strongly believes …


Tally Masters

Lil Daddy Bear

Daniel Mason, also known as Lil Daddy Bear started he journey into leather and kink over 20 years ago in San Francisco, CA . While working as a DJ in clubs and FM radio he landed a gig at the former Daddy’s Bar which in fact was his first leather bar experience years before. That amazing city by the was extremely diverse and open which allowed him to set aside his inhibitions he had from a strong Christian upbringing …


George "Chief" White

George won the title of Mr. Chicago Leather in 2022 and held the title for 2 years. Life long member of Michigan International Rodeo Association. Producer of Chicago Leather Ambassador and Midwest Rubber titles. Former President of the LGBQIA+ flight attendants union for United Airlines. Co-owner of Meathandlers Apparel Company. Competed in IML 44. George grew up in Detroit and has lived all over the country and have experienced the leather and fetish communities all over the world. George …